24 Hour Lock-out Pricing Schedule


Price is to unlock 1 lock, each additional lock is $38.50

*Calls canceled within one hour of booking the job will not be refunded. The entire service call will be charged to you. Keep in mind, if you get us out of a warm bed at night, additional charges will apply.

Standard Credit Card Fees Apply

Visa 2.59%

Mastercard 2.59%

AMEX 2.59%

Diners 3.85%

Debit 2.20%


*Customers must have photo ID and provide it along with proof of residency and payment upon arrival.

Lock Types

Not sure what kind of lock you have? Make a note of the lock type below, that way when you are talking to us on the phone, we can give you the right advice and prices accordingly. Please be aware that prices quoted on this website and over the telephone are approximate and sight unseen. The locksmith will confirm all pricing once on site before commencing any work.